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classroom building

Our Work

Take a look at some of the projects that we have completed since 2008 when we first cleared the land to build our school thanks to our incredibly generous donors. Our commitment to minimising our carbon footprint, supporting and involving the local community is evident in all that we do. 

classroom building


All of our buildings - including our classrooms, Administration Building, workshops, kitchen, library, toilets etc have been built using local labour and our wonderful parent vounteer teams. 


In an area where there is significant water scarcity, particularly during the dry season, it is important to save as much rain water as possible and minimise the impact of our use on the rest of the community. All of our buildings have concrete gutters which collect the rain in these 5000 litre tanks.

water tank

Solar Power

When we built our new Administration Building we knew we would need to have a source of electricity, and so the obvious solution was to put solar panels on the roof. 

Energy saving stoves

A very important feature of our kitchen is our set of energy saving stoves. These stoves minimise the use of wood because they use so much less than an open stove and are very well insulated. 

energy saving stove
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