To find out how the school has grown since 2006, follow our timeline below.

The Administration Building opens.
Solar panels installed on the Administration Building!
Std 4 Classroom is completed.
The first Std 4 examinations are held.
The largest Prep class of 32 is recruited.
Total: 117 children. 

Dining Hall and kitchen are under construction.

Recruitment of the first Prep class takes place.

First set of green and purple uniforms purchased.

First purpose built classroom is completed for the new Std 1.

20 new Prep class children are recruited.

Total: 45 children.

First Prep class starts school using the converted cow shed.

The new composting toilets are completed.

The Dining Hall is completed.

First new purpose built classroom is under construction.

TOTAL: 25 children.

Std 5 Classroom is completed.
All Std 4 children pass their exams and progress to Std 5.
Hand washing facilities and our flag pole are built.
26 new pupils are recruited.
Total: 133 children. 

Land donated by family members to the Founder Ian Horne, along with the loan of a house and cowshed. 

Std 3 Classroom is completed.

Shoe making workshop is completed.

Construction of the Administration Building begins.

The next Prep class is recruited.

Total: 89 children.

Renovation of the cowshed begins as funds are being raised.

Std 2 Classroom is completed.

Chicken house is completed.

Purpose built Prep class is completed.

First Std 2 examinations - top in the Ward!

22 more Prep class children are recruited

Total: 67 children.


The cowshed becomes the first two classrooms!

The home becomes the school office, staffroom and living quarters for the Director and volunteers.


Std 6 Classroom is completed.

A sewing workshop is built.

30 new children are recruited.

Total: 163 children.

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East Meru Community School

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Usa River



East Meru Community School is a private English medium Primary School registered with the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Vocational Skills. Reg No: AR.03/7/018

Owned by Tikundane a Tanzanian registered NGO. Reg. No: 00004359 UK Registered Charity Friends of East Meru Community School No.1168456 

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