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....where every child deserves the chance to learn

East Meru Community School began life in a donated, renovated cowshed, with the aim of providing a free, quality, English medium education for children of all abilities from the most disadvantaged homes in Maruvango, a remote, rural village in the Meru District of Arusha, Tanzania. We believe that by providing such an education we can help to change the lives of these children, their families and the whole wider community.

How can you become part of our EMCS family?


Our donors help us to raise funds for new classrooms, ancillary buildings and vital infrastructure. Our most recent projects have included the completion of a new Community Library, new flushing toilets and the purchase of a new school vehicle - none of which would have been possible without our super generous donors. We welcome donations of any size, from anyone, from anywhere and at any time! We welcome one off donations or regular monthly donations - whatever works for you! And all are received with HUGE thanks! 


Sponsors are provided with the profile of one particular child who they will support through monthly or annual payments, receiving in return regular progress updates through the year. These payments cover all of the teaching and learning resources, uniforms, food plus all other needs relating to the healthy growth and development of our children.

2024 Sponsorships now available!

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Angela really loves EMCS because "the teachers are good and teach good things about life. They have a good relationship with us and tell stories to make us laugh”.

She enjoys the vocational skills class where she is learning how to cook and understand the importance of body cleanliness. She enjoys reading, skipping rope and net ball.

She is grateful for all the things that she receives for free as part of her education here at EMCS: her uniforms, shoes, food, rice, drinks and soda (on special occasions).

She is also very thankful that students don't have to feel embarrassed because they can’t pay school fees (because there are none). Angela is very thankful to her sponsor and wants to thank all of the sponsors for helping to provide her and her friends with an education.


What do our students say?

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