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Our Mission: To create a quality English medium primary school, which offers education of a high standard to village children of disadvantaged backgrounds.
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The Founder

In 2005 Ian Horne, a teacher from the UK, visited Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro and raise funds for a home for street children. He witnessed first hand the high levels of poverty experienced by many Tanzanian families, especially in the rural areas, and he vowed to try and do more.

Together with a group of like minded friends, and in discussion with village leaders, it was decided that the best way to do this was to open a village school. A plot of land was donated by Ian's brother in law and the idea of East Meru Community School was born.

Since then Ian has continued to oversee all the growth and development of the school and it's day to day running to the present day.


In order to further the idea of the East Meru Community School project, in 2010 an NGO called Tikundane was formed, with a Board of Trustees from the local area, the UK, Canada and Australia.

The word Tikundane is derived from Kimeru, the language of the Meru tribe who populate Maruvango village where the project is located, and means 'love each other'.

The NGO gained registration on 1st February 2011 and is recognised as the legal owner of EMCS by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Vocational Skills. ​Reg Number: 00004359.

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